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Pham Duy Thai - Director of Nafoods Joint Stock Company - said that the lemon market is still very large, while Vietnam has many competitive advantages. According to Mr. Thai, lemon products are increasingly popular with consumers, thanks to their distinctive flavor, they can be processed into many products such as drinks, ice cream, jams, confectionery .... 30% / year.

Growing and processing lemons for export at Hoang Anh Gia Lai International Agriculture JSC. Image:

Most recently, the company has exported its first lemon slices to France, opening up market prospects for this product as its rivals from Ecuador and Peru are expected to decline due to the impact of the El phenomenon. Nino.

A representative of Hoang Anh Gia Lai International Agriculture Joint Stock Company (HNG) also said that the area of ​​lime of HNG by the end of 2017 reached 1,270ha. Despite the conversion of some lemon trees to other plants such as chili or mango, but according to the plan of this company, is expected to plant about 300-500ha at the end of March 3.1818 in the Paksong area.

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Son La province has been experimenting in the province since mid-year 2015. Up to now, the total area of ​​lemon has climbed to 523ha and the output is estimated at 3,165 tons. It is expected that in 2018 the province exports about 500 tons of lemon to China. This amount will increase to 550 tons in 2019 and about 600 tons in 2020.

According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Gia Lai Province, mid-May 2016, Gia Lai Provincial People's Committee has agreed to Nafoods Group Corporation to invest in the development of lemon raw material area associated with the processing plant in the province with an area of ​​3,000 ha, of which farm production is 1,300 ha and 1,700 ha is concentrated production.

The provincial People's Committee has also approved three projects to promote the development of citrus lemon, including the project of building the Institute for High-tech Seedlings, separating, classifying, packing and preserving fruits for export. High-tech application area project.

Up to now, Gia Lai province alone has area of ​​3,000 hectares of lemon, the density of 600-1,000 trees / ha, average yield of 439.7 quintals / ha, the total output is over 97,400. ton.

Particularly, Nafoods Group has grown in Chu Se district 70 ha, Chu Prong district 30ha, yield 400-500 quintals / ha. Purchasing volume in 2016 will reach about 11,000 tons of fresh fruit and increase to 22,000 tons in 2017.

Watch out for new crops

Although expected, the lemon base development is currently considered unstable when the export market is uncertain, the seedlings must be imported from Taiwan, China, plant disease more ...

According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Gia Lai Province, the prices of lemons have not stabilized in the past years, mainly for traders or transport to sell in Binh Dinh. Most of the lemon of the province has not been processed, the competitiveness is not high, the efficiency is low. In early 2017, lemon price in the locality ranged from 14,000 to 47,000 VND / kg depending on type. However, the price of fruit lemon has dropped to about 10,000 - 18,000 VND / kg.

According to Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Minh Chau - former director of the Southern Fruit Institute, lime trees in the Central Highlands are developing quite well. The target is 80 tons / ha, not 60-70 tons / ha as before. However, the cultivation of high productivity with the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers ... in high doses, affecting the quality of products as well as the risk of environmental pollution, water and soil later.

According to representatives of HNG, string lemon is not in the list of HS code, so only can export small. However, since fruit requires less than 10 days to leave the orchard, so even though there are HS codes, it is more profitable to produce as little as possible, since it can not. go to sea, take too much time.

In addition, the orientation of this enterprise is mainly exploited fresh segment of the agricultural products, so in addition to frozen lemon IQF line, there are no products in processing or other preservation. "In the value chain of fruit products, the fresh segment is still the most valuable and profitable. At present, HAGL's products are inadequate to meet the demand of customers, "explained HNG.

Gia Lai imported millions of lime seedlings

According to statistics from the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Gia Lai, nearly 3.4 million lemon seedlings were imported and grafted in Vietnam and planted in the province from 2016 to present. Of these, more than 2.8 million seedlings were imported from China, Taiwan ... The rest were imported by Hoang Anh Gia Lai International Agriculture JSC and Nafoods, Tay Nguyen Agricultural Research Center .

According to Danviet.vn

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