The Bound because the same lemon

The Bound because the same lemon

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Recently, lemon is considered as a super-profit tree in Gia Lai province. After about 5 months of planting, the tree will be harvested, the price is more than 40,000 VND / kg. Therefore, many people do not hesitate to cut down coffee, rubber to plant lemon wire.

Due to high demand, local supply is not enough, traders have to buy lemongrass wire to Taiwan for 50,000-70,000 VND / tree for resale. However, after planting, to the harvest time, many orchards do not produce very small fruit or fruit. Mr. Do Van Thuy (Kon Dong town, Mang Yang district) planted 1 hectare of lime with Taiwanese variety but 7 months have not been fruit. "The plants are very good but they do not look good even after a long harvest. Need to buy the same. If lemon garden, I lose hundreds of million "- Mr. Thuy urgent.

Do Van Thuy's lime garden still does not produce fruit despite planting 7 months

According to Mr. Thuy, many households here have the same circumstances as his family. A trader specializing in supplying lemongrass varieties in Gia Lai admitted that it is impossible to distinguish good or bad varieties because they are ordered to Taiwan.

Mr. Pham Ngoc Co, Head of Agriculture and Rural Development of Mang Yang district, asserts that lemon is not in the planning of the locality. Although it was recommended that people should not plant because of unknown seed source, output is not stable but the area of ​​lemon district has reached about 500 hectares. "The varieties are mainly bought from Taiwan, unknown quality. At first, the tree came out but later did not "- said Mr. Co.

According to Hoang Thanh

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