Weight loss with lemon zest at home

Weight loss with lemon zest at home

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Lemon honey honey
Lemon juice is very simple, you just mix lemon juice with water or apply the formula below to increase efficiency.
Ingredients: four lemons, 500 ml warm water, two tablespoons honey, a slice of lemon.
Decayed with lemon strings

Here's how:
Put the gut into the cup. Mix 500 ml of warm water with 2 tablespoons of honey (may give a little more honey if you like to drink sweet).
Lemon juice mixed with water mixed with honey shake, add a slice of lemon fresh you can enjoy this delicious type of water then.
Drinking honey lime honey 4-5 times a week will help you lose 2-4 pounds within two weeks quickly. In addition, the use of lemon juice also helps prevent the growth of cancer cells, prevent cardiovascular disease and fight infections.
Around the lemon string, there are rice syrups with natural aromas, which contain a good amount of fiber for the body, so we can eat whole grains without giving up.
Vitamin C in lemon helps to improve health, increase resistance, help to burn energy, burn fat effectively. Fiber, water, and acid in lemon helps to absorb fat, and water also helps metabolism, helps speed up fat metabolism, reduces appetite, reduces sugar in blood. So you lose weight fast with lemon strings.

Lemon juice
Ingredients: five lemons, two teaspoons of sugar.
Clean the rope, dredging the gut. Add the sugar and lemon juice. Add the mixture to the blender, mash. Use the sieve several times until there are no black seeds. Add lemon juice to the cup, add some ice and enjoy.
lemon string

Sliced ​​lemon zest
Ingredients: 4 lemons, fresh milk, condensed milk, water, sugar, ice.
Lemon twist with a dab spatula. Pour the seeds into the filter, remove the seeds then mix with 100 ml of water.
Add lemon juice, 100ml of fresh milk, 1 teaspoon of condensed milk, 2 teaspoons of sugar into the mill and grind it to the mill and continue to grind to the mash until smooth. So you have a drink to lose weight in the region of cool and effective then. You can add a little bit of fresh ice cream on your lemon slice.

Note when losing weight with lemon strings
Weight loss drink from lemon juice is an effective weight loss drink, easy to drink. However, you should not abuse and need to drink a scientific menu to avoid affecting health.
Do not drink too much and fasting will affect the stomach. It is necessary to incorporate appropriate exercise regimen to improve weight loss.

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