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Then, everywhere, people found lemons, which led to a larger supply than demand, and the prices dropped sharply to VND3,000 - VND5,000 / kg. Even in many regions, lemongrass growers did not sell them. revoke. The story is recurring in recent months, causing many people to stand up.

Nguyen Thi Dung's family in Ea Cham village, Ea Tan commune (Krong Nang district) have 2 hectares of coffee in the business period, but before the attractive price of lemon (at the end of 2016 about 45,000 - VND50,000 / kg), she decided to destroy 1 ha of coffee, borrowed 80 million dong from the bank to buy seedlings, steel wire and hire laborers to grow lemons. The gardeners selling the seedlings in the commune are "burning" lemon rope as many people rushed to grow so she has to go to some other nurseries in the commune to collect enough 500 seedlings at 40,000 VND per root for planting. However, when the garden is smooth green leaves that do not see the flowers, nuts, she found a new fire to buy the wrong. Mrs. Dung sadly said that lemons have been planted for more than 7 months. There are only about 10 fruit trees in the orchard, most of which are under 20 fruits. Up to this point, her family has lost about 100 million VND because of lemon, not to mention care.

Lak lak lak

With Mr. Vu Van Thanh in Ea Tuk village, Cu Pong commune (Krong Buk district) these days are also "sitting on the fire" because how much capital in the house from the beginning of the year has "sloped" on 1.2 hectares lemon wire. After more than 6 months of care, lemon garden wire began to harvest, it is also the time of disease epidemic and the market price of carpet. Mr. Thanh calculated that in addition to the initial investment of 100 million dong, the family also had to buy more pesticide spraying insecticide five to six times a month, plus fertilizers and carers. over 10 million.

Although the garden is quite high yield, estimated 12 tons of fruit but the price of lemons on the market is only 7,000 VND / kg, while traders have to squeeze enough sugar, picky big fruits, Small fruit and spotted shell is not bought. "If the price of lemon is as stable as before, about 50,000 VND / kg, except for expenses, this time my family collects about 450 million VND, while the current price is about 30-50 million VND" Mr. Thanh lamented.

According to preliminary statistics of the Department of Planting and Plant Protection, the province now has about 500 hectares of lemon, mainly concentrated in the districts of Krong Nang, Krong Ana, Buon Don, Krong Pac ... with productivity Average yields ranged from 8-9 tonnes / ha. Prior to this situation, according to the Department of Planting and Plant Protection, localities should pay more attention to the propaganda and advocacy in many ways so that people understand the dangers of planting trees by the movement. , avoiding the situation of farmers fell into the scene "planted tight, planted".

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