Pineapple Export

Pineapple Export

The pineapple (pineapple) is a very good hot drink on a hot day. It is also used to treat a number of diseases.

Pineapple, also known as pineapple, pineapple ... has many different types.

The pineapple is actually the axis of the flower and the succulent bracts gather. But the truth is the "fragrant eyes".
In 100g of pineapple, edible portion is given IJ5kcal, 0.03mg carotene, 0.08mg vitamin B1, 0.02mg vitamin B2, 16mg vitamin C (parsley). The minerals are 16mg Ca, 11mg phosphorus, 0.3mg Fe, 0.07mg Cu, 0.4g protein, 0.2g lipid, 13.7g carbohydrates, 85.3g water, 0.4g fiber.

The fruit contains the enzyme bromelin or bromelain, which can break down proteins. Therefore, pineapples are used in the processing of a number of dishes such as: stir-fried beef, fried duck to help the meat quickly soften and create a characteristic flavor. Folk often marinate tough, old meat with pineapple or stir-fry with meat, the meat will be tender, easy to digest.


The benefits of pineapple fruit

There have been studies showing that the enzyme of pineapple has the ability to cure heart disease because it can dissolve hematoma leading to heart attack. It has been reported that in 140 patients with heart disease treated with this method, only 2% of those who have died from a heart attack compared with before that without this method, up to 20% died. In books in Vietnam there are instructions that people with high blood pressure should eat fragrant meals for diuretic purposes.

Every day drinking a cup of pineapple juice or eating 1/2 of a ripe pineapple can replace anticoagulants (coumarin, warfarin ...), which are often causing many bleeding side effects (so avoid using for people with hemorrhagic diseases).

Drinking a cup of pineapple juice a day or eating 1/2 a ripe pineapple can replace anticoagulants
Studies in the 1960s and 1970s have determined that the bromelin of a pineapple has anti-edematous and anti-inflammatory properties. Since then, several pharmaceutical companies have introduced pineapple-based supplements to deal with cellulitis, which dissolves fat deposits. However, there are no studies that determine pineapples are capable of dissolving these beautiful fat blocks. Bromelin minimizes sinusitis. In Germany, children with sinus inflammation are usually treated with bromelin, a pineapple extract. Bromelin gives good results, it reduces the duration of illness (from 8 days, to 6 days). Bromelin is used as a worm for the worm as a small worm, common in children. Through the study of HordegenĠP., Bromelin also showed good results as Pyratel.

Pineapples heal scars, some of the pineapple enzymes heal skin wounds or burns such as mice, when using pineapple extracts to help the process of cleaning a wound after 4 hours, taking away Foreign matter and tissue die so that there are no more obstacles for the wound to heal. Bromelin also reduces swelling, bruises on the skin and relieves pain.

Women who get married late or after the second, third birth, have irregular menstrual problems, should use pineapple as a beverage, because the aroma is rich in magnesium, helping to reduce bleeding a lot, and limit blood loss. , hypotension.

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