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Guava export

Taiwan  guava, 3-5 fruits / kg is a new guava variety, this guava has a sweet, slightly spongy taste, but also crunchy, the aroma is also mild, stimulating and regulating body fluids. , including picky eaters. The pods are shiny green, slightly lumpy, the fleshy pulp has only one seed ring. The ivory-white flesh is fragrant and sweet. This guava is considered as a gift from nature because it is fresh, delicious, without chemicals, safe for people to enjoy, sustainable with the environment, and refreshing. Let's quickly own Taiwan guava 3-5 fruits / kg and many other fruits on Foody24h.



Product characteristics:

  • Guava contains more Vitamin C and in fact 100 g Guava can provide more Vitamin C than oranges
  • Guava contains high amounts of fiber and fiber, which are essential for health care for the heart and digestive system
  • The fiber in Guava can lower blood sugar levels
  • Guava is high in fiber that can aid and improve the digestive system
  • Vitamin A in Guava can aid in improving and enhancing eyesight
  • Magnesium in Guava can assist in relaxing the nerves and muscles of the body

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