Banana Export

Banana Export

Like the regions in the territory, Don Duong - Lam Dong Da Lat is favored by heaven and earth due to the cold climate, so Banoi laba fits the climate and develops well on Da Lat.

The reason why laba chuoi becomes a specialty of Da Lat. It not only has its own characteristics of the fruit, but it also has regional characteristics. Let's learn about the varieties of laba bananas that are researched according to the tissue culture method together with Dalat specialty.
Laba bananas contain many nutrients as well as minerals that are very healthy, eating laba bananas every day helps you have a healthy body.
Laba bananas have a very special feature compared to regular bananas

Laba bananas also known as Tien Vua bananas come from?
Laba banana (Tien Vua banana), a famous specialty banana of the land of Da Lat-Lam Dong in danger of dying, this precious banana variety was once very famous and favored for its delicious taste and flexibility. sweet. Historically, laba bananas were used to advance King Bao Dai, the court and French officials. Therefore, Laba banana is also known as Tien Vua banana.

Recently thanks to the propagation technology of laba bananas by the culture method and the soil has been studied thoroughly. Laba banana trees are now quite easy to grow, the tree can be adapted to the conditions in Da Lat, black bamboo shoots in the northern regions ... but due to the specialties of the region, although laba bananas are easy to grow, the yield and quality of fruits are very difficult to achieve as in Lam Dong. If this banana line is planted in another area, the yield of laba banana will give us the poor quality of banana as in Lam Dong due to the different soil and natural conditions of each region. That is why this banana line has become a specialty of Dalat.

Benefits of bananas Laba Dalat
Laba bananas are not as fat as banana seeds, they are not as small as pepper bananas, nor are they round like bananas, but they are elongated, slightly curved, and have small stalks. When ripe, the fruit has a smooth golden color, a pleasant golden color.
Laba bananas, when ripe, have a more aromatic, distinctive and interesting flavor. Not only delicious and nutritious, but Laba bananas also have great uses in life, health and especially beauty.

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